Company Information

The STS Company is a pioneering leader in innovative casting products that will benefit both practitioner and patients when casting for orthotic and prosthetic devices. STS markets unique casting products used primarily by Podiatrists, Orthotists, Prosthetists, Pedorthists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, cast technicians, custom shoe and skate manufacturers. We feature an unparalleled line of innovative resin impregnated tubular casting socks, fitted polyester casting socks and slipper casting socks designed to assist the practitioner in obtaining accurate negative anatomical impressions.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces casting time
  • Cure time in less then 5 minutes
  • More accurate than fiberglass rolls
  • Virtually eliminates all wrinkling and provides excellent conformity to the foot and ankle contours
  • Glass-smooth finish is ideal for CAD/CAM
  • No toe contractures
  • No more concerns about plaster clogging drains or getting on your clothing, furniture or floor.
  • No more cast cutter
  • No more need for special “casting rooms”
  • No more staff time wasted cleaning room
  • No more waiting until the next day to ship the cast to your central fabrication laboratory
  • No more special packing of plaster casts to prevent damage during shipping
  • All STS casting products are made in the USA

Additional Services

STS is continually enhancing product development technologies through state-of-the-art research development initiatives. Our extensive network of distributors work in concert with headquarters support personnel to respond promptly to every practitioner’s inquiries, concerns and needs.