The STS casting products have been instrumental to the success of the Richie Brace over the past twelve years. The ease of application and low margin of error makes the STS sock the ideal product to capture the shape of any segment of the lower extremity. I have been especially appreciative of the efforts of Dr.’s Stess and Graf to promote education to my fellow professionals to ensure a positive patient outcome with ankle foot orthoses.

Doug Richie, DPM
Seal Beach, CA



I find the STS socks efficient and accurate. The socks are easy to use and save me valuable time during my busy schedule.

Howard A. Stone, DPM, FACFAS
Partner, The North Shore Podiatry Group
Glenview, IL



I am pleased to provide my opinion of the STS sock for casting for both the custom functional orthotics and ankle foot orthoses. As past Chair of the Department of Biomechanics at Samuel Merritt College of Podiatric Medicine we almost exclusively converted to the STS sock. both myself and the faculty found the sock accurate in capturing the morphology of the foot in the neutral position and well replicated the forefoot to rearfoot relationship as well as plaster. We found the process easy to teach and easy to learn. We will continue using STS.

Paul R. Scherer, D.P.M.
ProLab USA
Napa, CA



STS saved our clinic. Seven years ago, I took over a barely functioning VA podiatry clinic. The impression foam boxes were everywhere and having been trained in the Root system of biomechanics, I could not bring myself to use those devices. Our engineering service had not installed plaster traps in the clinic sinks and were backlogged with work orders so I turned to STS casting socks and never looked back. Not only was I able to remain true to the fundamentals of the negative casting technique as taught by Dr’s. Root and Weed, but I was able to serve more veterans in our clinics thanks to the fast set-up time of the fiberglass casting slipper sock and the no mess clean up. I cannot imagine ever taking another negative impression with plaster again! Thanks, STS for a superior and affordable product.

Eugene Goldman, DPM
Associate Chief of Staff for Education and Staff Development
VA Medical Center Coatesville



When used properly, the STS sock is a good and clean option to capture the foot, ankle, and leg for AFO fabrication. It also simplifies the scanning process for CAD-CAM applications.

Ernesto Castro, CPed
Arizona AFO
Mesa, AZ



I have been using STS products for the past 5 years and recommend them to anyone who is interested in improving their practice. Over those years, I have casted at least 50 patients per month for orthotic devices or AFO’s. The reduction in casting time on my part and time saved for my staff, keeping the treatment rooms clean, has allowed me to see more patient in shorter period of time. The positive casts created from the STS socks are better than those created by traditional means. I believe they have helped me improve patient outcomes with functional orthotic devices. Finally, my patients are very impressed with the new technology.

Mark Weiss, DPM
Los Angeles, CA