Slipper Sock

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Price is for a box of 10 pairs

The Slipper Sock is an exciting new innovative casting product that will benefit both you and your patients when casting for foot orthotics. With the Slipper Sock and its ultra-fast setting resin, you can now obtain a superior foot mold without the plaster mess in less than 2 minutes! Among its benefits:

  • Reduces casting time for foot orthotics by 50%.
  • No more hassle with plaster dust from separating messy splinting material.
  • No more concerns about plaster clogging drains or getting on your clothing, furniture or floor.
  • No more time wasted holding the foot in “neutral position” waiting for the plaster to harden.
  • No more staff time wasted cleaning your patients’ feet and legs or cleaning up the room.
  • No more need for special “casting rooms”.
  • No more waiting until the next day to ship the casts to your lab.
  • No more special packing of plaster casts to prevent damage during shipping.

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Minimum order is one box. If you wish to "customize" the order by mixing sizes at no extra charge, please call customer service at 800-787-9097
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Comes with 10 pairs per box.