Trans-Femoral Molding Sock

The Trans-Femoral Molding Sock is made from polyester and Lycra and impregnated with a water curable resin. The socks is 4.5” x 20” and can be used in a post-operative rigid dressing or for obtaining a negative mold for above knee amputations to either scan or use as a fabrication mold for a residual limb.

  • Socks simply “unroll” quickly and easily
  • Virtually eliminates all wrinkling and provides excellent conformity
  • Eliminates any roping
  • Consistent thickness throughout making it the ideal material for scanning
  • The ideal material for CAD/CAM
  • Very light weight
  • Easily removable
  • Consistently quick and easy application compared to wrapping with either fiberglass or plaster
  • No guess work as to how tight or loose to apply casting tapes
  • Eliminates inconsistent application as is possible with figure of 8 technique
  • In only 5 minutes after cure time, 90% of strength is achieved.
  • Stronger resin formulation allows immediate shipping or scanning without damaging casts.
  • No more concerns about plaster clogging drains or getting on your clothing, furniture or floor.
  • No more cast cutter.
  • No more staff time wasted cleaning room.
  • No more need for special “casting rooms”.
  • No more waiting until the next day to ship the cast to your central fabrication laboratory.
  • No more special packing of plaster casts to prevent damage during shipping.
Minimum order is one box. If you wish to "customize" the order by mixing sizes at no extra charge, please call customer service at 800-787-9097
Weight 2 lbs