Stifle Sock

Price is for a box of 10 socks

For the growing field of Veterinary orthotics and prosthetics, these newly designed polyester casting socks have been created for obtaining molds of small animal limbs. The casting socks that are impregnated with polyurethane resins have been designed for both front and rear limb casting. The socks are provided in various shapes and sizes to cover the broad applications needed by the Veterinarian or by Veterinary orthotic/prosthetic practitioners to achieve the best possible fit.

  • Reduces casting time
  • Cure time in less than 5 minutes
  • More accurate then fiberglass rolls
  • Virtually eliminates all wrinkling and provides excellent conformity to animals limbs
  • No more concerns about plaster clogging drains or getting on your clothing, furniture or floor.
  • No cast cutter required nor Stanley blades to injure the animal
  • No more staff time wasted cleaning room
  • No more need for special “casting rooms”
  • No more waiting until the next day to ship the cast to your central fabrication laboratory

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Minimum order is one box. If you wish to "customize" the order by mixing sizes at no extra charge, please call customer service at 800-787-9097
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