Slipper Sock Application Instructions

Slipper sock instructions (use examination gloves when handling slipper socks and always use cool water):

  1. Slip baggie over foot.
    ssa01 ssa02
  2. Dip sock in cool water or hold under running water and squeeze out excess.
  3. Slip sock over baggie and pull up around heel.
    ssa03 ssa04
  4. Attach one end of slipper clip at apex of medial arch below elastic band.
  5. Keeping tension on strip while holding the medial clip , gently pulling up on the opposite clip draw the elastic band across dorsum of foot and attach it on the lateral side of sock just below the elastic band. This will help the sock conform to the plantar arch contours.
  6. Hold foot in neutral or desired position until resin hardens (approx. 2 minutes).
  7. Release slipper clip by rotating it back for forth similar to a cars ignition key
  8. Gently pull heel of slipper sock downward away from heel.
  9. Have patient wiggle toes and gently pull sock off of foot using finger pressure on elastic band just behind base of toes.
  10. The cured mold should then be teased off the foot. The cured slipper sock mold should be ready for shipping in about 60 minutes. The plastic baggie can be left inside the mold if desired. The cured slipper sock should perfectly replicate the foot and is the ideal casting material for making custom foot orthotic devices. An indelible pen can now be used to mark a lesion or osseous prominences.


  • Slipper casts can be taken over nylon hose using technique described above.
  • If taking cast inside of shoe, place an additional baggie on outside of sock before donning shoe.
  • For accommodative orthotics, before starting the casting process, place 1/4″ felt pad over area of concern to “exaggerate” defect. Make note of this on orthotic Rx.
  • For postoperative splinting/immobilization apply an additional sock over the hardened sock prior to removal to double the rigidity


Item No.


Shoe Size

903-S Small W: 4-5 ½
903-M Medium W: 6-10 ½, M: 6-9 ½
903-L Large W: 11-12, M: 10-11 ½
903-XL X-Large M: 12-15
903-V Variety ( 1 Sm, 4 Med, 4 Lg, 1 Ex. Lg pairs )