Knee/KNAFO Casting Sleeve

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Price is for a box of 5 sleeves

The STS Knee Casting Sleeve is intended for use primarily in molding the leg, knee and thigh for the purpose of making an impression for use in fabrication of custom knee braces and lower extremity orthotic devices (KAFO)

  • Virtually eliminates all wrinkling and provides excellent conformity to knee contours producing a glass smooth finish
  • In only 5 minutes after cure time, 90% of strength is achieved
  • Stronger resin formulation allows immediate shipping or scanning without damaging casts
  • No more concerns about plaster clogging drains or getting on your clothing, furniture or floor.
  • No more cast cutter
  • No more staff time wasted cleaning room
  • No more need for special “casting rooms”
  • No more waiting until the next day to ship the cast to your central fabrication laboratory
  • No more special packing of plaster casts to prevent damage during shipping

 Casting Sleeve Application Instructions & Sizing InformationFor Sizing Use
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Minimum order is one box. If you wish to "customize" the order by mixing sizes at no extra charge, please call customer service at 800-787-9097
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