Orthotist / Prosthetist

STS product

Use for casting the following devices/items:

Socket Fabrication Casting Socks

Trans-Tibial Sock Socket fabrication for below knee amputees
Trans-Femoral Sock Socket fabrication for above knee amputees

Fitted Polyester Casting Sock

Ankle Casting Sock Custom Shoes, custom skates, supra malleolar AFO’s (e.g. Richie Brace, Platinum, Sure Step)
Mid-Leg Sock Supra Malleolar AFO’s (DCO, Sure Step), Custom Gauntlet AFO’s (e.g. TCO, Arizona AFO™), custom high top shoes
Bermuda Sock CROW walker, PTTB CROW, Posterior Leaf , Solid Ankle AFO’s

Tubular Polyester/Lyrcra Molding Sock

17″ Tubular Sock Custom shoes, custom gauntlet AFO’s, residual limb upper or lower extremity,
upper extremity and wrist for custom orthotic devices and splinting
30″ Tubular Sock Custom solid ankle AFO, CROW walker, Posterior Leaf Spring
Knee Sleeve Custom Knee Orthosis, KAFO (with 17″ Tubular Casting Sock)
Slipper Sock Custom foot orthotic device
Leglifter Assistive device for lifting limb for examination, casting or treatment

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